Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tissue Paper Hearts

Miss Mae and I made these for a couple of her friends for a party she went to today. I saw them on Crafty Crow, and they brought back so many memories of when I was young!We used leftover pizza boxes (that I, AHEM, found), lined one side with some pretty valentine-y paper, glued the tissue to the other side, punched a hole in and tied it up with a pretty, spring-y green ribbon.

The party was a KICK! She actually went to TWO Valentine's parties this year! What a lovely idea to have a Valentine's party. I hope we can do this in a couple of years when things slow down a bit here... I hope to get the pics of the parties up tomorrow - so incredibly sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Everything is all ready to go for making Valentines:Miss Mae's friends: Mr. H's: and:
I believe I have a glitter/glue/horrible-scissors-that-hurt-my-hand/tissue paper hangover.
Happy Valentine's day to you all! (is it St. Patrick's Day yet?!)